Alexander Zverev has revealed that he has played for his entire tennis career with Type 2 diabetes.

The German world No. 2 who is currently rehabbing a serious ankle injury form Roland Garros suffered two months ago, dropped his health bombshell as he announced formation of a charitable foundation to help other young athletes suffering with the ailment.

“I want to show that you can go very far with this disease,” he said. “With the successes achieved, I feel comfortable and confident enough to make this initiative public.

“I want children to be able to avoid getting diabetes with an active life and proper prevention,” he said.

“I am in the privileged position of living a life that I have always wanted to lead.

“I always wanted to play tennis, travel to tournaments around the world and be one of the best tennis players.

“The fact that I have achieved it is mainly thanks to my parents and my brother, who have always supported me unconditionally on my path and continue to do so.”

The foundation aims to provide financial help for children and young people suffering from diabetes, with the goals of supplying insulin and other necessary medicines for athletes.