The WTA has made it a top 2021 priority to solve the crisis of the disappearing live scoring app which has rocked tennis fans worldwide.

The popular widget which provided running scores of ATP and WTA matches on any given tournament day, was sent into hibernation – at least on the WTA side – by various unexplained technical glitches.

So far it is not due back as the new season begins this week in Abu Dhabi for women.

But  WTA boss Micky Lawler has told London’s Mail Online that fixing the problem and getting an app out there is Job 1 of the moment.

The Florida-based Dutch executive called retirement of the popular item a “mistake” 

“‘There have been technical changes to do with the app but we should have got ahead of it. It’s a top priority to address that.”

She added that the pressing problem would be addressed as early as this week, with the WTA 2021 season starting on Tuesday.


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