Todd Woodbridge has challenged anti-vaxx Novak Djokovic to reveal his actual status as Australian officials lay down the law over non-jabbed players regarding January’s Open.

The former Aussie doubles great, now a television commentator, feels it’s time for the world No. 1 Serb to pull his socks up on the controversial issue which could see him banned from the first Grand Slam of 2022 as non-vaccinated..

“The fact that Novak Djokovic says he’s not going to tell us whether he’s vaccinated or not, probably means he still hasn’t,” Woody said.

“The reality is that time is running out, and the deadline is approaching. 

“He’s going to have to tell us at some point no matter what, keeping it to himself won’t get things done – obviously he wants to wait.”

With the government ruling that unvaccinated players will not receive Australian entry visas, the lines in the issue are clearly drawn.

Djokovic, who organised what turned into a COVID-spreading tennis exho tour of the Balkans in June, 2020, has refused to make his vaxx thoughts or status public.

“To imagine that he could not come to the Australian Open is impossible,” Woodbridge said. “Here is his best tournament (nine of his 20 Grand Slam titles were won in Melbourne),”


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