Wimbledon made a $58 million profit in 2021, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

With reduced crowds and hotel costs for players, the third Slam of the year was still profitable, although $9m less than in 2019, where profits reached $67 million.

The Lawn Tennis Association will receive the majority of the profits, but it was also announced that the British game will receive a $29 million bonus from the UK Government.

This money is primarily to be used to build new grass courts facilities in the wake of Emma Raducanu’s US Open win.

UK estimates revealed that in the months after Raducanu’s triumph, an estimated 100,000 Brits picked up a tennis racket, a 119% increase from the previous year.

Tennis Australia last month announced that they suffered a loss of $US 71 million as a result of their delayed pandemic-hit Slam in February.