Pickings will be slightly less lucrative for players after Wimbledon on Wednesday confirmed a drop in the total prize money payout for the upcoming edition.

With organisers still somewhat hampered by COVID in Britain, the total earnings packet will total GBP 35 million ($US 49.2 million), with singles champions earning GBP 1,7 million ($US 2.39 million).

The global figure represents a decrease of 5.2 per cent though qualifiers will find their pay packets increased by more than 17 per cent.

A first-round main draw loser will trouser more $US 67,000.

Organisers of a major which was sitting pretty a year ago thanks to a multi-million dollar pandemic insurance payout, have had to cut back for this edition, citing the cost of obligatory hotels they must fund for players to maintain the virus isolation environment.

Formerly, the club just handed out more than GBP 1million ($US 1.41 million) in per diems, letting players stay where they wished – mainly in locally rented luxury homes for the sport’s elite.


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