Nick Kyrgios is counting on defending his final at Wimbledon – and perhaps more – during next summer’s edition of his favourite Grand Slam. 

The ATP No. 22 has a big job looming in July at the All England club where he lost the title match last summer to Novak Djokovic.

While he is keen to get stuck into the upcoming Australian tennis summer at home, the 27-year-old is well aware of what awaits thai summer in London.

“I always think that Wimbledon is where I have the best chance of doing well in a Grand Slam,” he told Aussie media.

“Obviously, playing  in Australia is an advantage. Winning the Australian Open in doubles gave me the confidence to be able to be consistent for two weeks.”

But the controversial player warned: “I feel like everyone lost faith in me,  (last season) all the media, and even part of my team, but I was able to pull through.”

Kyrgios, who has made his reputation as both a showman and a bad boy on court, confessed that playing the two roles can be confusing.

“When I’m on court I always have a hard time finding the balance between entertainment and winning games.

“Sometimes it has cost me defeats, but I like it that way”.

The complex tennis character added: “There is a lot of pressure, especially with the Australian Open, in which the locals expect great things from me.

“It’s not easy being in the spotlight. I work hard to channel it and use it as energy.

“From my point of view, I have achieved great achievements in tennis. I want to achieve more for myself and for my team, for no one else.”

Main photo:- Nick Kyrgios lost in 2022 Mens Singles Final Wimbledon to Novak Djokovic – by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd