With more than two decades each in WTA tennis, the Williams sisters have been around the block in the sport.

But even as close as they are, the pair with 27 Grand Slam titles combined make it a rule not to train together.

“We stopped practicing many many years ago. We just like to work on different things,” Venus, aged 40, said. “In order for us to get our best practices we’ve got to do different practices.”

Her 39-year-old sister, who accounts for 23 of the pair’s honours at the majors, follows the same regime.

Both are now preparing for the uncertainty of a 2021 WTA season where even the start date of the Australian Open remains unknown due to international COVID-19 bio-bickering between tennis powers and government.

“Serena likes to hit a lot of groundstrokes, I like to do a lot of other stuff,” Venus explained. “When we practise together we spend the whole time saying what do you want to do? Whatever you want. No what do you want?

“We don’t always hit… but sometimes we do hit – and those are the best practices.”


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