Dominic Thiem’s vaccination hesitation will keep the injured Austrian from setting foot in the stadium for this week’s ATP event in Vienna.

The injured former US Open winner is among numerous players who have not bothered to get jabbed for COVID-19.

As a result, local media report that he is officially banned from attending this week’s indoor event where all spectators must be vaccinated against the virus.

Thiem, who has suffered with a wrist injury since June, has made his excuses, saying he is waiting for the Novavax flavour of jab, though other well-received vaccines have been available for months.

His procrastination means Thiem cannot take a victory lap for the public at his home event, which he won in 2019.

“I haven’t been vaccinated yet,” Thiem said this month. “I want to wait for the Novavax vaccine because I heard from my doctor that it should be really good.”

With entry to January’s Australian Open likely to require a jab. Thiem seems unlikely to want to miss out on the major. There is no firm date for the release of the mystery Novavax shot.

“If it (Novavax) works out by the end of November, I’ll have it vaccinated. If not, I’ll get something else vaccinated,” he said.


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