The rules are there to be used and an unapologetic Stefanos Tsitsipas says he did no wrong by taking an eight-minute toilet break during his five-set defeat of Andy Murray at the US Open.

The unrepentant third seed who is fast cementing a reputation as a rule-bender on the ATP infuriated his Scottish opponent by leaving the court with the sets tied at two sets each.

The Greek came back, drew a warning for time-wasting and then broke Murray to set the tone for his eventual first-round victory.

But Tsitsipas believes he can do no wrong: “I don’t think I broke any rules. I played by the guidelines.

“(This is) something for both of us to chat about and make sure. I don’t know how my opponent feels when I’m out there playing the match.

“As long as I’m playing by the rules and sticking to what the ATP says is fair, then the rest is fine. I have nothing against (Andy) , absolutely nothing.”

The Murray incident was the second of its kind in as many events, with Tsitsipas also copping criticism from Cincinnati semi-final opponent Alexander Zverev over a similar time-wasting stunt.

With the walkabout routine starting to become a habit, Tsitsipas apparently has no plans to modify up his controversial actions..

“It’s clear that I took my clothes with me when I left the court. That’s the amount of time it takes for me to change my clothes and to walk back to the court takes a little bit of time.

“As far as I know you’re allowed to have two toilet breaks to go change your clothes in a five-setter, and one in a three-setter. I followed that throughout my entire career. 

“I’ve never broken any rules, so I see no reason for a problem.”


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