Plans to stage the ATP Cup and other events around The Australian Open are in doubt after Tennis Australia chief Craig Tiley admitted he had to yet to receive and assurances over quarantine rules from the Immigration department in Canberra.

“We need to resolve it within a maximum period of 10-15 days,” Tiley told Melbourne’s The Age newspaper.

“If not, we will have to concentrate all activity in Melbourne and create a health bubble that will remain in place for a long time.

“Right now I see the problem at 50 per cent for each of the options.”

The Australian government may demand a multi-day quarantine period and a very restrictive bubble for athletes, which could affect players’ chances of travelling and participating.

And with ticket sales for 25% of capacity for Melbourne Park due to go on sale on November 26, there is still concerns over what or what may not be permitted.

With restrictions eased in the State of Victoria recently there is hope the capacity could be increased to 50%.

“We sent a travel form to the top 100 of ATP and WTA, explaining the measures we plan to establish for the tournament, asking them to tell us if they would participate,” Tiley added.

“Everyone has demonstrated their commitment to come to the tournament and that signed document is already been sent to the Immigration Department so that it can process the necessary visas.”


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