Defending his US Open title in just over a month is no sure thing for Dominic Thiem as the Austrian struggles back from a wrist injury.

Coach Nicolas Massu told Spain’s puntodebreak website that plans remain vague as rehab and recovery continue.

The ATP No. 6 has not played since June 22 in Mallorca after retiring in his opening match.

“The the wrist is an area that has to be perfect to return to competition,” the Chilean, a 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist said.

“(It must be) 100 per cent or it risks becoming chronic. There are still several weeks to know when exactly he can return ”.

The right-handed Thiem was seen recently on social media hitting with his left hand on the practise court, but that party trick will have zero use in actual competition.

Massu said timing and patience is everything: “Dominic continues to advance with his recovery, every day we are in contact and also with the doctors. 

“He was unlucky, but sometimes things happen that you don’t expect. Now it is time to go very calmly, respecting the deadlines.”

Thiem also got a big vote of confidence from his South American mentor.

“When he is well I know Dominic can beat anyone, he is still young but he already has a lot of experience.

“I’m confident that the next 5-6 years can be the best,” Massu said of the one-time ATP No. 3.


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