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Becker tipping Raducanu for UK Royal honours

Boris Becker has spilled the most obvious gossip in tennis: fairytale US Open winner Emma Raducanu is surely set to be honoured by Britain’s Queen

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Hardline Wimbledon: massive COVID fines set

Wimbledon will crack down hard on any violations of its no-nonsense COVID lockdown policy this summer, with fines of USD 20,000 waiting for any disobedient

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Murray prepared for a Wimbledon like no other

Andy Murray will make his return to Wimbledon after last competing in 2017 by happily submitting to a quarantine regime which will force him into

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Andy’s caddy shack dream could come true

Andy Murray’s off-the-wall dream of working as a PGA caddy when his tennis career is done, could come closer to reality after an invite from

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Injured Murray joins Miami pullout parade

Andy Murray was Tuesday added to the list of pullouts from the Miami Masters after the Scot withdrew with a groin injury. The absence of

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Optimistic Murray still rates himself at Wimbledon

Two-time winner Andy Murray still rates himself a Wimbledon contender five years and two hip surgeries removed from his last title at the All England Club.

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Murray serves up mixed messages on best of 5 issue

Andy Murray is of two minds on the eternal tennis question: best of 3 set or best of 5? The former No. 1 whose recent seasons