Nick Kyrgios has admitted he has a “slim to no chance” of playing at the French Open after skipping the US Open over COVID-19 concerns.

Aussie Kyrgios said he was was not surprised at the number of players who have opted out.

“I knew a lot of players were going to – I don’t think the US Open will be happy seeing some of the biggest names in sport not put their health at risk and go there and play,” Kyrgios told Australian YV station Channel Nine.

“I wasn’t surprised by Rafa’s decision; I think he’s more eyeing the French Open.”

Kyrgios admitted in the interview he was unlikely to leave Australia this year.

“If I was to play I’d definitely rather go to Europe at this time of the year with everything going on,” Kyrgios said.

“There’s a very slim chance I will play in Europe – slim to none to be honest.

“I’m going to use this time to stay at home … train, be with my family and friends, and act responsibly and wait until I think it’s best.”

The player was also asked about the Australian Open.

“It’s sad times in Melbourne so I’m not too sure if the Australian Open will go on,” he said.