Serena Williams has posted video footage of a training session in Australia – with her daughter Olympia joining in.

The video shows Olympia, 3, warming up with mum and then trying to collect and hand the balls back to her mother.

Williams had already stated she had enrolled her daughter for tennis lessons.

“I enrolled Olympia in some tennis lessons. She won’t start with me, because I won’t give her tennis lessons, I enrolled her in a school,” Serena said on social media.

“But the tennis teacher doesn’t know that she is my daughter, so let’s see how it will go!” Serena wanted to clarify that what interests her are the notions, not to make her daughter a professional player.

“I’m not a pushing mom, but I know how much I like the techniques and the notions, so I’ll make sure the teacher is able to teach Olympia the technique.”


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