Scottish tennis bosses are trying to lure Andy Murray onto court this summer to take part in a London area charity exhibition amid Britain’s chaotic COVID-19 situation.

With the country heading the European table for infections and deaths – with an honourable mention for disorganisation and official mixed messaging – the plan could easily backfire.

Adding to the potential mess is the fact that while virus lockdown is for some reason being lifted in England, where Murray lives with his family in a Surrey mansion, his native Scotland is still buttoned up tight.

Nevertheless, the Scots are hoping to give it a go, with agents of Andy and brother Jamie Murray reportedly in talks with Britain’s LTA for the dream event.

With Andy off-court for the better part of the last two seasons due to a pair of hip surgeries, the 32-year-old former No. 1 could well be the key link in the entire project.

“It could end up playing very much into Andy’s hands,”  Tennis Scotland boss Blane Dodds told the BBC.

“With Wimbledon being cancelled and the whole international calendar being put back, who knows how much international tennis will actually happen this year at all?

“Only Andy knows what his body’s like but any longer period that he can have to get back to full fitness is going to be hugely advantageous. It would be great to see him playing at the top of the game again.”

Officials seem to have more of a sure thing with Andy’s elder brother Jamie, an ATP doubles specialist who nevertheless enjoys minor star power north of the border and elsewhere in the UK.

Andy and Jamie Murray In Davis Cup doubles action Photo Anne Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

“Once we’ve got more structure and funding attached to it, we’ll contact Jamie and get his thoughts. Bouncing some ideas off him is our next plan,” Dodds added..

“It’s unique that we have players actually in Scotland right now, and when lockdown finishes, that will still be the case as international travel will probably be the last thing that gets unlocked.”

The planned hit-out would feature only British and Scottish participants, given worldwide travel restrictions.

Andy has not hit a ball since one Davis Cup match in November after attempting a competitive comeback in 2019 and winning a 250-level Antwerp title.