Holger Rune will extend his coaching arrangement with Boris Becker through next season as the young Dane gains traction after playing the ATP Finals in Turin.

The world No. 6 fell at the group stage this week a few months after first hooking up with six-time Grand Slam champion Becker.

Danish TV2 reported that Rune’s mother Aneke had confirmed that the arrangement would continue.

“We look forward to continuing the good work in the preseason and 2024 with our team, with whom we will also end the year,” she said,

“I’m delighted that we have found a good setup where Holger is happy and can develop, so that we can once again set goals and aim to win Grand Slams.

“It’s been a difficult and educational year with many good experiences, but also disappointments, hardships and new things to deal with… This experience is necessary to be able to take home the big trophies.”

The mother who has coached her 20-year-old son throughout his career said that the team goal is, of course, a Grand Slam title.

“We can once again set goals and aim to win Grand Slams.”

Main photo:- Boris Becker watch Holger Rune in Turin – by International Sports Fotos Ltd