Louise Sartor has  become only the second  female French artist to design the iconic  Roland-Garros poster after Fabienne Verdier in 2018.

The second Grand Slam of the year Roland-Garros 2022, will be held from 16 May to 5 June.

She has produced a scene filled with light for the 2022 vintage, one in which a ball kid takes centre stage.

Appearing in a Roland-Garros poster for the first time, the ball kids are key players at the Paris Grand Slam event and provide a spectacle in their own right.

As discreet as they are essential, they play out a form of ballet on the clay courts.

In 2021, Sartor was invited to spend a day at Roland-Garros to savour the tournament’s unique ambiance for herself. She knew there and then what the subject of her poster project would be.

The Iconic Roland Garros Poster Collection from 1980 – 2022/FFT

The 2022 poster is the 43rd in the series. A key component in the identity of the French Grand Slam and a symbol of each edition of the tournament, this piece of art embodies the stories, colours and central figures of this major event.

Take a virtual tour of the entire collection here:-


Main photo:- ©Louise Sartor


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