Angelique Keber is trying to shelve lingering career doubts after ending 2020 with injury, with the former No. 1 moving ahead with preparations for the upcoming WTA season.

The 32-year-old with three Grand Slam titles, finished up in late September while nursing the thigh problems which led to first-round exits in Rome and Paris; due to COVID, she played just 13 Tour matches.

While compatriot Julia Georges retired recently, Kerber, who turns 33 in January, will soldier on for now as players prepare for the restricted COVID edition of the Australian tennis summer in the New Year,

“I had thoughts during the Corona period and learned to appreciate life apart from the tour,” the German told dpa. .

“The thoughts (of retirement) are of course there. But I fully trust my heart and my feelings.

“As long as I enjoy tennis and I am physically able to perform, that’s what I love and what belongs to me.” 

But Kerber warned that her exit from tennis will come “at some point.”

“Maybe soon (or late), I don’t know. I have to see how things develop.

“The restrictions of playing without fans – that’s extreme and takes away a lot of what I enjoy about my job. I can already feel it.”

Kerber said that her decision is delayed: “I pushed the thought away for now.

“But if you’ve already thought about it, you can’t delete it either. Keeping motivation high is an art.”

Main photo Angelique Kerber winning Wimbledon 2018 by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd


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