Novqk Djokovic has reportedly touched down in Australia, with officials refusing to confirm the return of the Serb a year after he was deported.

Djokovic is due to headline at the ATP Adelaide event from Sunday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Tuesday that the nine-time Australian Open champion had arrived.

Djokovic, who has refused to get a COVID vaxx, was deported last year, a sanction which normally results in a three-years ban. But a new government in Canberra gave the former No. 1 a pass in the autumn, saying he would be allowed to enter.

With the fate of one of the last two remaining household names in the game following the retirement of Roger Federer, up in the air, Tennis Australia officials have gone full throttle to rehabilitate the image of the controversial Serb.

Open TD Craig Tiley glossed over the incidents of 11 months ago which saw Djokovic detained in an immigration hotel and ultimately deported after two court hearings.

“I have a great deal of confidence in the Australian public,” he said on Tuesday. 

“We’re a very well-educated sporting public, particularly those who come to the tennis, they love their tennis, they love seeing greatness, they love seeing great athleticism, great matches.

“And I have a lot of confidence that the fans will react like we hope they would react and have respect for that.”

Main photo: “Best of friends?” Australian Open TD Craig Tiley and Novak Djokovic in the locker room after winning the Men’s final 2021. by Tennis Australia/ FIONA HAMILTON


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