He may be done with a COVID quarantine in his native Chile, but coach Nicolas Massu will still be unable to join Dominic Thiem for the upcoming Australian summer of tennis.

The double Olympic who helped his Austrian charge to the 2020 US Open crown, would be unable to meet strict Australian demands that he serve out another 14-day lockdown upon reaching Melbourne.

As a result, Thiem’s tennis coach father Wolfgang will not only lead the nationalĀ side in next week’s mini versionĀ of the ATP Cup but will also return to his role of mentor during the Open starting February 8.

Theim is expected to keep Massu up to all hours in South America with what are presumed to be near-constant online coaching and strategy sessions.

“Dominic’s father Wolfgang leads the training and is in contact with Nico a lot,” Thiem;’s manager Herwig Straka told Vienna’s Kleine Zeitung . 

“He (Massu) is now negative, but still won’t make it to the Australian Open.”

Thiem has been quarantining under the “lite” conditions in Adelaide in preparation for this weekend’s “payback” exhibition as the Aussie state of Victoria balances the political scales after South Australia agreed to take a tennis quarantine overflow of around 50 people.

The World No. 3 will open on Tuesday at the five-day team event against Matteo Berrettini of Italy.

“It’s not that much better (quarantine) in Adelaide,” Straka, also an ATP board member as well as Vienna TD, added.

“The few advantages are that the player’s team can be bigger, there is more training time and the rooms have a balcony.

“Dominic has to leave after the quarantine Adelaide and travel to Melbourne. he will have no time to adjust to the conditions there before the ATP Cup,” Straka complained.


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