Milos Raonic is playing it safe and keeping his distance during the current COVID-19 era, with the Canadian getting his last haircut in January.

The No. 30 who turns 30 in December is more than keen on social distancing to the extent that he has not seen his father at all in 2020.

Raonic, a former Wiimbledon finalist, is into the second round of the quarantined Cincinnati Masters being played on the US Open site in New York.

“My motivation (to self-isolate as much as possible) was plain and simple – it’s my parents,” the Canadian said.

“Both of mine are over 65 (with) pre-existing conditions; I haven’t seen my father this year at all. I saw my mom for I think a day and a half after the Australian

“I was very motivated to stay smart and healthy because of them.”

Raonic has gone as far as to rent a private home for the three-week closed-door American run and must pay for full-time security around the grounds to make sure none of his restricted tennis support team leave the premises except to travel to Flushing Meadows for the tennis.

“I can only control myself while I’m here in this bubble. I’ve elected to follow the rules – maybe to a bit of an extreme. I’m not really spending any time with other players, not seeing anyone.”

The Raonic routine is extremely stripped down: “”I only go in the locker room for a quick ten-minute shower after practice, then I leave. I’ve elected not to stay at the hotel.”

And he said the spartan lifestyle is likely to continue into the future. “I’ll do it not just here but French Open, Rome, whichever tournaments are coming up in the future.”


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