Alexander Zvererv might be changing his tune on a personal boycott of the new-look Davis Cup, with the No. 7 now leaning towards fronting up Germany.

Big brother MIscha Zverev told Eurosport that his sibling is ready to return to the national fold.

“Germany is very important to him, also as a country. Sascha really wants to play the ATP (Cup competition) and Davis Cup for Germany.

“In the end you come from Germany anyway, that is of course very, very important for an athlete and especially for Sascha.”

The Davis Cup, now under Spanish management, is undergoing a re-think after the 2019 edition of the revamped international teams competition fell flat.

Changes to the format eliminated the traditional home-and-away concept, crushing four weekends of competition into one week in Madrid.

With only local crowds in attendance, Spain won the title.

Management this month said it is looking at another format change after failure of the last edition to ignite public interest.

Alexander Zverev was a critic from the start of the unpopular Mark II iteration.

 “I don’t think the format is Davis Cup anymore,” he said. “I hope people realise that Davis Cup is more than just money and all that like they are offering us now.

“It’s history, and it’s tennis history. Yeah, it’s more than just what’s on the table for the players now.”

One attraction of the extreme makeover might have been the USD 3 billion guaranteed payout from Spanish organisers to the International Tennis Federation over a 25-year period.


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