The first groups of quarantined players began leaving their accommodation on Thursday evening, Melbourne time, while others still locked up have taken to social media to vent their displeasure at the situation.

The process of releasing all 960 players and staff is expected to take until as late as Sunday afternoon.

Covid-19 Quarantine Victoria – the body responsible for hotel quarantine in the state – said “departure dates and numbers may be subject to change”.

Flights arrived in Melbourne over a couple of days so the 14-day quarantine period ends at differing times over the next few days.

CQV also want to ensure sure all players are let out individually, so as to ensure all checks and protocols are carried out.

That has left some players – such as Tennys Sandgren – facing an extra day in quarantine.

Rafa Nadal practises in Adelaide.

“I just found out we’re not going to be able to leave the room until midnight tomorrow,” Sandgren said.

“That will put us at close to 15 days in this room. It’s also another day we can’t practise.”

Georgia’s Oksana Kalashnikova vented her anger on Twitter: “When Australian government orders u to stay another extra day just because …,” she wrote.

World No.9 Petra Kvitova has been allowed out for five hours a day to practise and go to the gym.

She said the first thing she would do upon leaving quarantine would be “to go for a long walk and have a coffee, and also do some shopping”.