Tennis activist Vasek Pospisil has been joined by US journeyman Tenny Sandgren slamming comments made by ATP boss Andrea Gaudenzi.

The Italian former player who has not even been in the job for two years has been slammed by the pair for remarks he made suggesting that prize money for Challenger-level players is not as key in the grand scheme as earnings for the Top 100 elite.

But with tennis multimillionaires a distinct minority on the ATP, the comments draw immediate fire from the pair of current players.

Canadian Pospisil, founder along with Novak Djokovic of the PTPA rival player organisation which has kept a low profile, lit into Gaudenzi; Sandgren called for Gaudenzi to step down.

The ATP official had said “in the Challenger Tour you should be able to at least break even and pay your costs (and not necessarily make a profit).”

Pospisil called the remarks “incredibly ignorant” in a Twitter post.

The Canadian said “incredibly ignorant from the so-called leader of the ATP and the sport of tennis. 

“A multi-billion dollar industry yet this man feels it’s ok for only the top 100 players to make a living. This is what happens when you completely monopolise the sport.”

“But you have to be conscious that this is sort of like a university. It’s an investment. Then go and move into the pro tour where you have a job.”

Gaudenzi then drove in the spike: “I don’t think it will ever be possible to have a sustainable tour at that level (Tour entry-level Challenger) simply because it lacks the interest of the fans and the engagement of the sponsors, broadcasters and ticket revenues.”


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