American Jessica Pegula has launched a range of skincare products after suffering with skin problems as a teenager.

“When I was growing up, for the most part, I had troubled skin,” Pegula said.

“I tried a million different things and didn’t always give it the time to work. Your skin freaks out because there’s too much going on.

“So I was always interested in trying to figure out what helped and what worked. Like a lot of people, I was always looking for the quick fix.”

Pegula, 27, said the idea came about souring downtime following surgery on her right hip.

“I wasn’t doing anything besides rehab, which gets pretty boring,” she said.

“So that’s basically how it started. And it took a little bit over a year to officially launch it, for everything to come together.

“Over time, I started to realise the more simplified I made my skincare, the better it seemed to work. So that was kind my thought process behind Ready 24.”


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