As he prepares to tackle the US Open from Sunday after his Cincinnati Masters third-round loss, Andy Murray remains faithful to the post-match ice bath.

But getting the treatment on a regular basis at the stripped-down,anti-COVID, fan-free tournament is not an easy ask.

“We can’t do ice baths and things like that on-site,” Murray said after his 6-2, 6-2 outster on Tuesday at the “Cincinnati” portion of the all-in-one New York tennis period.

“(They) are quite an important part of my recovery,” added the two-time hip surgery patient. “You have to wait until you get back to the hotel.”

The former No. 1 made every effort to play down the inconvenient and schedule-wrecking isolation regime required of players at the quarantined pair of events being played at Flushing Meadows through September 13.

“I’m concerned about talking about this because there are way tougher things going on in the world than… players being concerned about the hotel (on Long Island) being quite far away, for example.

“But it’s fine, it’s manageable, not a big deal at all. It’s just little things that are different to what we’re used to (regarding) competing and recovering from matches and things.”

Murray was also evaluating his game after his thumping by Canadian Raonic.

“There’s clearly a lot of work to do on my game over the next few days before the US Open starts. 

“The positive is I got three matches in, and physically, in terms of my hip, felt good. I played a couple of long ones, as well and got through them.”


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