Novak Djokovic on Tuesday called out poor behavior from defeated opponent Cam Norrie after the Brit slammed a smash at him in anger at the Rome Masters second set on Tuesday.

The errant sphere at 2-1 with Djokovic up a break struck the top-seeded holder on the leg, with Djokovic giving a stare of death at the offender.

The current ATP No. 1 was walking back to the baseline with his back to Norrie when he was hit after giving up on the point.

The handshake at the net was a classic drive-by with no words spoken but a few glares exchanged.

Djokovic suggested that poor behavior is par for the course for Norrie.

“From the very beginning, I don’t know, he was doing all the things that were allowed,” Djokovic said.

“He’s allowed to take a medical timeout (late in the second set). He’s allowed to hit a player. 

“He’s allowed to say C’mon in the face more or less every single point from basically the first game.”

Djokovic warned: “Those are the things that we players know in the locker room are  not fair play, it’s not how we treat each other.

“But, again, it’s allowed, so..”

Djokovic called Norrie “a nice guy off the court” but added: ” I don’t understand this kind of attitude on the court, to be honest.

“But it is what it is. He brought the fire, and I responded to that. 

“I’m not going to allow someone behaving like this just bending my head.

“What happens on the court, we leave it on the court, and we move on.”

Djokovic had defeated Norrie in all three of their matches with the Brit winning his only set at Wimbledon.