With divorces, bankruptcy and a lifetime of notoriety since winning Wimbledon as a teenager, 53-year-old Boris Becker has confessed that he is yearning for some permanent quiet time.

The six-time Grand Slam winner told Austria’s TennisNet that once things calm down – he is facing both a London bankruptcy and a serious accusation of hiding assets in the case – he’s dreaming of making a strategic retreat from his roller-coaster public persona.

The larger-than-life German hinted that once his legal fights are done, he would love to go to ground.

“I thought that sooner or later I was going to stop being the news. I am very surprised that at 53 years old I am still in the spotlight,” the former coach of Novak Djokovic and current TV commentator said.

“It seems that the stories would not sell if my name did not come to light.

“I accept that everyone has an opinion about me, but it is strange that many people judge me for situations they do not know. The German press often reports news without it being true, influencing the opinion of readers.”

Becker added: “At some point in my life I will decide to become a non-public person.

“I don’t know when it will be, but I will disconnect and no one will know more about me.”

Currently, Becker is never far from the lenses of London’s paps who have made a meal of him with constant spreads in the country’s various tabloids.

A parking ticket, court appearance, a restaurant meal, his legendary broom closet tryst, moving house after a divorce – all are fair game for the snappers who keep Becker in the spotlight.

Some of his toughest treatment has come from his native Germany, where tabloid Bild has tracked his every move for more than three decades.

“My mother lives here and my children too. I have nothing against Germany. In fact, this country has given its best. best I have in this life: my four children.”


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