Rafel Nadal finds it impossible to obsess over Grand Slam titles, with the Spainard unwilling to stress out as he trails Novak Djokovic in the record books.

The 37-year-old who has played just one event this season due to injury, spelled out his laid-back personal philsophy to sponsor Movistar.

He added that the attitude contrast between himself and all-time leader Novak Djokovic (24 titles at the majors) is stark 

“I’m not frustrated for one simple reason: I think I’ve done everything possible to make things go as well as possible for me,” the Spaniard said.

“Would I have liked to be the tennis player with the most Grand Slams in history? 

“Without a doubt, of course. This is what sport is about, trying to be the best possible. 

“Has it been an obsession for me? No, not at all It doesn’t frustrate me either, you can’t always be frustrated in life.”

Nadal contrasted his tennis quest to that of his driven Serb rival, who lives for the tennis history books.

“I think Novak experiences it (title lust) in a more intense way than the one that I have experienced. 

“It would have been a greater frustration for him not to achieve it (all-time leadership) – perhaps that is why he has achieved it.

“I have a healthy ambitionwhich has allowed me to see things in perspective, without being frustrated or getting more angry than necessary on coutrt.

“It’s my way of living… I’ve lived it that way and I am happy with it.”