Rafal Nadal is convinced that Roger Federer’s planned January comeback after nearly a year of knee injury, surgery and subsequent rehab will be a success.

Federer, who turns 40 in August, 2021, has said he wants to make his return during the upcoming Australian tennis summer.

And that sounds fine by Nadal, his longtime rival and fellow tennis icon.

The second-ranked Spaniard told La Resistencia that he’s sure Federer won’t be doing anything by halves:

“I see that he is already training and I think he will come back quite well,” Badal said. “How far can it go? Well, you can’t know, I don’t think anyone can. 

“I don’t know how I’m (going to do), let alone him.”

Despite Federer’s absence form the Tour since February after the Australian Open  Nadal confirmed that the pair have been in regular contact as tennis works through the COVID-19 pandemic,

“These days we often hear from each other, obviously we discuss the tennis players’ advice and in general about important situations. 

“The situation today is very difficult, we have to find a solution given the current times and I have to say that lately we have been talking regularly.”


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