Andy Murray was defeated by Alexander Zverev in the 3rd round of Indian Wells, putting on an impressive show. 

The Brit said it was “physically the best I’ve felt for a while.”

At times Murray looked in control of the match and showed flashes of his former self, but still ultimately lost due to a lot of poor points. 

This flip-flopping between great and mediocre tennis has to former world no. 1 concerned.

“Something needs to change,” he said after the match. 

“I’m not saying he played great either, but I don’t think I played well today. There were a lot of mistakes.

“There was some good stuff in there, but it was mixed in with bad. There was no consistency I don’t think. My average level was just not really there today. It was either good or bad. Yeah, I wouldn’t put that down as playing really well.

“The positive for me to take from it is I obviously had opportunities again. Yeah, I mean, I guess that’s positive. I didn’t feel like I played a great match and still had chances, so that’s positive.

“But, yeah, I’m disappointed because, I mean, I obviously want to be winning these matches. I haven’t in the last few months. Yeah, something needs to change.”

Murray is currently ranked outside the top 100 and set to fall down further after this season. He will need more points to qualify for the big tournaments, currently relying on wildcards to get in. 


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