Andy Murray is trying to bury his growing frustration with his long injury comeback, with the Scot vowing to make it back to the Top 100 – and hopefully past that.

The former No. 1 cannot hide his discontent with the slow pace of a return to “normal” after physical issues forced him to pull form this week’s Cologne 2 ATP event in Germany.

But the No. 115 Scot has set himself an immediate goal in hopes of getting a career which has produced three Grand Slam titles back into gear.

“”To this day, I no longer have anything to prove to anyone. I’m going to play as long as I can. 

“If in a year I am still No. 100 in the world, the most likely is that I will not continue playing,” he told Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung .

“I hope to have a much higher ranking, win matches regularly and play against the greatest in our sport. If I can do that, I will play for as long as I can.”

But the 33-year-old warned: “But if  find myself in difficulties, I barely win and I only keep playing because I love tennis, that is most likely not enough. 

“If I stopped trusting that I can win a tournament like the one in Cologne, that would be a definite reason that would make me stop playing tennis.”

While he struggles to lift his ranking, Murray’s presence at the majors seems assured with wild cards certainly set to become available to him if he does not rise into automatic entry range.


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