Andy Murray is of two minds on the eternal tennis question: best of 3 set or best of 5?

The former No. 1 whose recent seasons have been total struggles to rehab after a pair of hip surgeries, can’t actually seem to make up his mind on the issue.

As a player, he prefers the long-format version; as a fan, would not not want to watch more than a three-setter.

The Scot who is vowing to make a serious return to the ATP in 2021, let his contrasting opinions rip in a social media chat with Gael Monfils as the Tour goes into hibernation prior to the start of another COVID-affected season – hopefully on schedule in January.

“As a player I have always preferred to play the best of 5 sets. As a fan, unless you have stadium tickets, you can’t watch such long matches,” Murray opined.

“I would personally never sit back and watch a best of 5 sets match from start to finish. I would not do it.”

Murray’s thoughts fall in between best of 3 fans Novak Djokovic and weekend ATP Finals champion Daniil Medvedev and that of old school traditionalist Rafael Nadal, who loves nothing better than grinding out the five full sets – preferably on the clay of Paris.


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