Andy Murray says the USTA has done a great job setting up for the US Open amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Murray, who initially was staying at a private house in Greenwich, has since moved into the USTA hotel bubble earlier this week and admitted to the ATP website he was pleasantly surprised.

“The USTA has done, in my opinion, an excellent job of setting everything up,” he said.

“They’ve done a really good job at the hotel, They have games and arcades and things like that, which I enjoy. I’m still a bit of a child in that respect.

“They’re putting on different food in the evenings for the players. We can get delivery. The room is absolutely fine. You have a gym there.

“Going into the hotel was a little bit of a concern. Then when you get in there and you see everything that they’re doing to make sure it’s as safe as it can be, then I felt quite relaxed.

“Since I got in, I’ve been tested twice. There’s security, not just at the hotel, but on the site, making sure that everybody has their masks on.

“There’s hand sanitiser everywhere … I feel comfortable now that I’m here. But I did have some concerns beforehand.”