Men’s qualifiers for this year’s French Open will receive 27 per cent prize money that last year, organisers have confirmed.

Losers in the first round of qualifying will take home €10,000, 42 per cent up on last year.

In the main draw, losing players in the first round will take home €60,000.

The first and second rounds of the men’s doubles have also been positively impacted by prize money increases of 30 per cent and four per cent, respectively.

Qualifying action begins today.

Men’s Qualifying Prize Money
Third Round €25,600
Second Round: €16,000
First Round: €10,000

Main Draw Prize Money

Winner: €1,600,000
Runner-up: €850,500

Doubles (Per Team)
Winner: €319,652
Runner-up: €188,030

Winner: €425,250
Doubles: €110,606

Dinner: €283,500
Doubles: €65,062

Round of 16
Winner: €189,000
Doubles: €38,272

Round of 32
Winner: €126,000
Doubles: €23,920

Round of 64
Winner: €84,000

Round of 128
Winner: €60,000