The impasse between unjabbed Novak Djokovic and the COVID entry laws of Canada is sure to end in a win for the government. 

And Montreal Masters boss Eugene Lapierre wants the stubborn Serb to know: the vaccine law is not about to be changed in time for him to play the event which begins August 7.

“The situation is clear: either Canada changes the rules regarding vaccinations or Novak will have to roll up its sleeves and get vaccinated,” Lapierre said.

“However, I do not consider either of these two scenarios to be likely.”

The assumed outcome is that the anti-vaxxer will be banned from Canada as well as the US as both North American nations require foreigners to be vaxxed for the virus.

That would mean missing the Masters pari in Montreal and Cincinnati as well as the US Open.

Djokovic has won the event in French-speaking Canada four times but last competed in 2018.


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