Ambience looks to be dire at the stripped-down COVID-edition of the Miami Masters from March 22, with the once-proud ATP-WTA event running on fumes for 2021.

Officials have revealed a bare-bones scenario at an event once played on the tropical-inspired island of Key Biscayne but now located due to a decades-old financial/legal riddle in a vast stadium parking lot well north of the city.

While players will be allowed into the US with just a certificate of exemption as essential workers, life around the ground will be far from normal with the pandemic still well on the boil in Florida.

A negative test will be needed for entry into the country and players will be confined throughout to either their hotel rooms or the empty tournament site. Sanctions for sneaking out include disqualification from the event.

Fan numbers will be limited to 20 per cent of normal – around 750 on a good day.

And prize money will be cut to match, with Tennis Majors reporting that each winner of the WTA and ATP event will earn USD 300,110, more than  1 million less than at the last edition in 2019.


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