The US Open title defence of Daniil Medvedev got a green light on Tuesday as officials approved allowing Russian and Belarus to compete as neutrals.

American tennis bosses stopped short of following the example set by Wimbledon, which has banned all players from the two countries involved in the invasion of Ukraine.

Instead, players from the pair of offending nations will have to go through the draw without any flags or other national symbols next to their names.

The plan sidesteps the no-points sanction imposed on Wimbledon by the ATP and WTA as retaliation for the player sanction.

“The USTA will introduce a broad, comprehensive set of initiatives to amplify existing Ukrainian humanitarian efforts, including committing to significant financial support, for which details will be announced soon,” a statement read

Added USTA boss Mike McNulty:  “Tennis has done much through Tennis Plays for Peace for humanitarian support of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the need for help only continues to grow. 

“The USTA will be responding very soon with a broad set of initiatives that will include significant financial assistance and other programs to further support humanitarian relief and the people of Ukraine.”

Main photo:- Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic before the Men’s Singles championship match at the 2021 US Open by – Garrett Ellwood/USTA)