Never one to miss an earning opportunity, old pro John McEnroe seems to have made an indirect bid to become a coach for Nick Kyrgios.

The player now known mainly as a television talking head at the Grand Slams has told France’s Le Figaro of his possible interest in guiding a current ATP player on a strictly part-time basis.

That potential student could well be Kyrgios, who has carved out a controversial, if relatively unspectacular career, hampered by injury and a desire to shoot hoops instead of train.

But the 60-year-old Mac feels he could be up to the challenge. “Why not? He (Kyrgios) is a good guy.”

McEnroe had a brief coaching experience with Kyrgios at the Hopman Cup event on the Rest of the World side for which the Aussie played.

“When I coached him, he showed he can be a great teammate. It seems he’d rather play with others than with himself,” McEnroe said.

“Talent is not enough, you need other abilities. Nick can beat anybody and could be Top 10 ten; but if you want to be the best you have to be consistent.”

Mac said he would have to juggle any coaching assignment along with his other tennis jobs.

“I would be interested in training, but not the full time. It’s complicated to combine my role as a consultant and my (New York) academy.”

The American then gave his reputation a slight burnishing: “Players trust me enough to know that I can make a difference.

“It  would be nice to help a guy of the younger generations,  the time may be right.”

McEnroe had a coaching run with Milos Raonic on grass in 2016, helping the Canadian to the Wimbledon final, whee he lost to Andy Murray.


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