Baffled Benoit Paire has turned to a hypnotist to try and find out what is plaguing his rapidly declining tennis after exiting in the Wimbledon first round.

The hipster-bearded Millennial who stands a dismal 3-16 this season, crashed out in a Grand Slam first round for the second time this season.

Paire is so desperate to get his tennis mojo back that he has turned to the medical world to try and put things right.

The ATP No. 73 told L’Equipe of his struggles. “I see several people (psychologist and hypnotist) because I am not happy in my life at the moment.

“That’s why I wanted to take a break, to try to recover the taste for this sport. I loved it and now I hate it.”

The 33-year-old Frenchman added: “It’s a combination of things that I have in my head, I have bad feelings.

“I try to progress, to take this away. Before, I liked those tense moments of being on a court, but now I really don’t feel good about myself.”

He said he is putting his faith in medical science to emerge from his death dive on court:

“I will keep working. I will see these people again and try to find the triggers to return (to form). I have always loved tennis. Why does it make me afraid overnight?

“I will do my best to improve as soon as possible. If not this year, it will be next. If it’s not next, I’ll stop (retire).

“I have more interests, so everything will be positive, no matter what.”


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