Players at next month’s ATP Finals will have to live their best lockdown lives as the autumn resurgence of COVID-19 slams Western Europe as predicted.

The eight competitors can now likely expect the now-default tournament position: pre-event COVID tests, regular repeats, mask-wearing except during matches and training and a whopping dose of social isolation.

Reports in Spanish media indicate that one element sure to be missing will be linespeople, with Hawk-eye taking over that task throughout the eight-day event between the top finishers of this virus-affected season.

The ATP will be cutting it close with just a day to spare before the Sunday November 15 start.

The definitive entry will only be finalised on the previous day due to possible results of the Sofia ATP 250 event to be played during the London run-up week.

ATP No. 1 Novak Djokivic will head the Tokyo 1970 Group with Rafael Nadal pacing the 2020 Group.

Player support staff will be limited, with just three per man, a stretch for many who often travel the Tour with more than that limited number.

Main photo:-ATP Masters players appearing at 02 Arena for the last time in London will have to endure isolation, unlike 2019.


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