Tennis life is sweet for Daniil Medvedev after the fifth seed reached the fourth round of the Australian Open – but the rail-thin Russian will hold off any foodie celebrations  for a few more rounds in Melbourne.

Medvedev is the first to admit that he can stuff just about anything into his body and not gain weight. At nearly two metres and 82 kg there is little fat on his frame,

But even if he’s been born with a free pass in the diet department,  Medvedev knows he can’t go overboard at the table.

He did confess to one gastronomic vice: 

“I like to eat, many people say, ‘I never saw anybody eat so much.’ I like desserts but I cannot get up even one kilo, I swear.

“Many people hate me probably for this, but I know that with age it can change, so I need to be careful about this because you never know when it’s coming. “

The fifth seed does have a Melbourne menu plan set for the Grand Slam.

” I just like sugar, let’s call it like this. I like sweet desserts, tiramisu, panna cotta, anything. 

“I don’t eat sugar during the tournament – but I’ve got five cakes in my room. 

“After the tournament it’s going to be a big fight with those cakes.”

Main photo:- Daniil Medvedev wins third round match Day 6 Australian Open by Tennis Australia/ ROB PREZIOSO


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