TV interview  explodes as tennis star wants to assault team captain

Aussie bad boy Bernard Tomic has increased the stakes in his feud with Lleyton Hewitt as the outcast player and the Davis Cup captain continue their scrap in the national TV spotlight.

Interview by Australian Nine Network’s 60 Minutes, Tomic said he would punch out Hewitt if the 37-year old skipper came to with “two metres” of him.

The calm outburst came as Tennis Australia showed signs of a split over the growing issues which is starting the encompass the whole of the Aussie game.

While TA performance director Wally Masur, a former player, told the programme that he would not totally shut the door on a Tomic re-appearance in Davis Cup – if the wayward player lifted his ranking and changed his go-it-alone attitude.

But his remarks of this week aired on Sunday night a day after TA boss Craig Tiley had totally sided with Hewitt, who had said that Tomic would never hav a spot on any Davis side he led.

Masur’s accomodating attitude clashed with the hardline suddenly taken by South African Tiley.

Tomic made his “two metre” threat after Hewitt had claimed Tomi had once threatened his family.

Photo: Anne Parker International Sports Fotos

“But did I say, mention his family? That’s pretty low. How low do you have to be to mention family and kids and stuff. I think that’s one of the lowest things I have heard from him say.

“For him to say that, that’s really low. To go that low and make me look that bad is really low. Now the fact that he has said that, if he comes two metres from me.”

Tomic was a Hewitt teenaged protege a decade ago as the two-time Grand Slam winner moved into the closing stages of his career. But since, the pair have diverged widely, with Tomic letting his ranking slide through general inattention and dedication to his sport, which he now calls a ‘job.’


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