With reports of his impending tennis demise circulating, a defiant Andy Murray has lashed back, with the Scot confirming he’s working hard to reach the starting gate of the 2021 ATP season.

The 33-year-old veteran two hip surgeries, will put a forgettable 3-5 record over the COVID-influenced season just ended to the side, concentrating fully on the upcoming campaign,

The schedule, though, could be a moving target, with indications that the January Australian Open might not start prior to February 1 and the preliminary ATP Cup cancelled.

“I’ve not forgotten how to play tennis. I beat a Top 10 (Alexander Zverev) in Cincinnati, (also) top-50 players, and at the end of last year (2019) I also could with players like  Stan Wawrinka (whom he beat for the Antwerp title),” Murray told British media.. 

“I know I’m going to perform and win big matches – if I can be healthy and 100 per cent fit for a long period of time.

“That’s why I’m doing all the work right now to try to avoid running into problems next year. comes,” Murray said of his daily training at Roehampton, London, as the ATP tries to work out some kind of a 2021 tournament schedule.

Murray seems particularly incensed by recent comments from former great Mats Wilainder criticising the wild card entries he gathered in 2020.

“Something like this gives you motivation in the short term, it helps you. In the long term, a month from now, it is not something that you will think too much about.

“However, right after finishing Roland Garros (first-round loss to Wawrinka), I thought long and hard about some things, I did some tests.

“The things that motivate me to come back are as simple as asking for my body fat percentage, Something like that, so small, made me think: ‘okay, you can be in much better shape than you are now’.

“I have worked very hard to get here, but I can do better. I can eat better, I can work harder in the gym.

“All these little things have given me my mentality back, I focus on what is important, what I want to do to get back to where I want to be.

“There is no reason to think that I cannot go back to what I was before, and this was not the case last year. I feel good.”


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