Serena Williams is keeping all of her options open with the French Open due to be played out of season starting in less than three weeks.

The American who is still in contention at the US Open this week, faces several sets of decisions regarding what could well be a major logistical operation.

The No. 8 may be held back in the end by the strict quarantine and COVID-19 testing protocols conditions for players which come with staging the clay major.

For starters, players are required to stay in one of two hotels – no exceptions.

Being unable to use her own flat in the capital might be off-putting to Williams, who also faces questions about whether she can travel to the locked-down EU with her daughter and husband – all American citizens who are currently banned from the Continent.

“I’m honestly taking it one day at a time. I’m going to have to make the best decision for my health,” Williams said after reaching the semi-finals in New York.

“Maybe it will be good for me to talk to the organisers just to see how that works with the (legally limited) crowds and how we will be protected.

“I don’t know what the (crowd limited to 11,500 per day) number will be and how close they will be. Hopefully (French organisers) are thinking about (things). This is a global pandemic.”

Williams is likely to leave her decision hanging until the last moment: “I still have some questions, but I’m really kind of, ironically, focused on New York.

“It’s kind of hard because these Grand Slams are so close to each other this year.”


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