Even the relatively relaxed conditions inside last week’s Adelaide edition of the  Australian Open health bubble may have been a bit strong for Simona Helep.

The 2018 finalist who lost three years ago to Caroline Wozniack in the Melbourne Park title match, admits that this year’s two-week player lockdown upon arrival in the fight against COVID-19 did not do her much good.

“To be in the bubble every day, it’s not easy, you cannot get out of the hotel. At one point you get exhausted of the room, of the tennis courts, and you

need to see people,” the former No. 1 said.

“It was a little bit too long to stay 14 days. But I’m good mentally.

” You need the normal life. We are used to walking during the evenings. We are used to eating at restaurants.

“When you cannot do these things and you are waiting the box in the room with the food, it is not easy. It’s every day.”

Halep, a 2020 semi-finalist, said she carries the burden of past Melbourne showings onto court,

“I have the results in my head every time I come here, but I don’t want to think that much because I put pressure on myself and I expect maybe too much sometimes. 

“I will take this as a normal tournament, an important one, of course. But I’m focused on what I have to do, but I’m not thinking that much about the chances that I have.”

Main photo:- Simona Halep talks to the Media in Adelaide watched by Rafa Nadal


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