Bernard Tomic has over-dramatised his successful qualifying into next month’s Australian Open, with the tennis tearaway boasting that he put his life on the line off-site in Doha.

The player who cut the modern template for lack of effort, turned to his favourite target – the media – after gaining his first spot at his home Grand Slam since qualifying in 2019 and losing in the first round.

“I am in Doha, I risked my life flying here, my health, COVID’s around, many sick, with many things that can go wrong,” the No. 228  said after beating compatriot John Patrick Smith to reach the main draw at the major which starts in Melbourne on February 8

“I’m risking my life, and I’m playing and competing. Of course, I want to get there. Otherwise I’d be hanging my rackets up.”

Tomic continued his rant against his perceived enemies in media: “I don’t need to play tennis again, I’ve got enough money – so why are you asking me that question (about  his continued motivation)? Don’t ask questions like that.”

“You’re the people who write the bad stuff about me. I’ve qualified for a slam – what should you be writing?

“I don’t think you guys have been fair towards me in the last half-decade, (or) decade.

“You can spin it whatever way you want, but don’t escape the fact I’ve qualified for a slam.”

“If you like me and you’re a fan of me, write nice.”

Tomic can now look forward to 14 days of hotel-room  quarantine prior to the start of the season’s first major.


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