Dominc Thiem has revealed his eco-credentials, calling for a greening of tennis in order to help save the planet,

The US Open champion and ATP No. 3 told L’Equipe of his dreams for a more  sustainable – a tough ask in a world where constant air flights are all a part of the landscape and make a global carbon footprint

Th Austrian admits his own part in the damaging process though his 60-70 flights per year between tournaments.

“Tennis is not the most eco-friendly sport,” the 27-year-old said. “All players, young and old, have realised this and want things to change.” ,

Thiem said he is hoping that the sport can cut down on its environmental impact somehow, especially on “plastic, waste, travel.”

Tennis green initiatives in the past have included calls for freshly strung racquets – major players can go through five of six in a long match – to not come inside plastic bags, which immediately get tossed.

The laundering of hundreds of player towels per tournament remains another  environmental hot button issue.

 “We are a great sport and although we still produce too much waste, in particular, we can help, thanks to our influence, to set an example and launch initiatives,” Thiem told the French sports daily.


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