Boris Becker is bouncing back nicely after serving eight months of jail time in Britain for fraudulent bankruptcy, with the six-time Grand Slam winner a hot recruitment target for German tennis bosses.

The federation is falling all over itself to get the rehabilitated icon back on board, with former coach and current tennis suit Dirk Hordoff proclaiming to Sport Bild: 

“The doors at DTB (federation) to Boris Becker are always open. If he has served his sentence, there is nothing to prevent him from taking on a function again.

“I can imagine a lot for Boris, head of men’s tennis, representative, presidency or whatever. To put it bluntly – Boris can choose the job.”

Those sentiments were echoed by Alexander Zverev, with the ATP No. 14 adding:

“You can always use Boris’ help, whether as a player, coach, DTB or whatever. He knows how to do it,” he told the TennisNet website.

“He is certainly very important for German tennis and we will always accept the help.”

The 55-year-old Becker is already back in media circulation, commenting the Australian Open from a European studio for Eurosports and on the ground at this weekend’s Davis Cup qualifier with Switzerland in Trier.

“We are very close and I’m happy that he’s coming. It’s nice for the whole team that he’s there,” Zverev said.

“It’s a huge motivation, the greatest.”