Victoria Azarenka was too good for Danka Kovinic on day one of the French Open in Paris, but let it known she was ‘freezing’ after accusing officials of keeping them on court during a rain break.

“You guys are joking, right?” asked the bristling Belarusian. “What are we doing here? This is getting a little bit ridiculous.

“I’m not sitting here because I’m going to get frozen. It’s eight degrees. I live in Florida, I’m used to hot weather.

“It’s raining for, like, 15 minutes and we’re playing. Who cares? You can’t hold your racket because it’s so wet.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s too cold. What’s the point? Sitting here like ducks.”

After consulting her opponent the pair left the court for the locker room.

“What did she expect?” asked a fan. “It’s September and Paris gets cold. What a diva.”

When they returned to finish off the match in quick style, winning 6-1, 6-2.

“The court feels really, really heavy. It’s not going to be like a normal Roland Garros where the ball bounces high and the court gets faster. It’s going to be about day-to-day adjustment,” she said afterwards.